Outdoor Mask Rules, Temperature Checks Discontinued at Walt Disney World

Effective immediately, Disney has instituted new health policies in response to the latest guidance from the CDC. Firstly, Disney is no longer requiring guests to pass temperature checks to enter Walt Disney World theme parks. Since Walt Disney World reopened last summer, every guest who has entered the Parks has gotten their temperature checked before heading to security. This service, provided by Advent Health, has now concluded.

Empty Temperature Check Tent
A now-vacated temperature check tent at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

On the pressing issue of masks, Disney is finally loosening requirements for guests. According to Disney’s newest mask policy language, “face coverings are optional in outdoor common areas at Walt Disney World Resort, but are still required upon entering and throughout all attractions, theaters and transportation.”

Guests on Main Street USA without Masks
Guests walk on Main Street USA without masks for the first time in 14 months at Walt Disney World. Some guests are continuing wearing masks outdoors.

This change debuted at Walt Disney World to great fanfare from many guests. Florida’s high relative humidity and heat makes wearing masks outdoors in the spring and summer months especially trying for many. Other guests chose to keep their masks on outside. Some guests told us they were doing so for health reasons. Others told us they found it more efficient to keep the mask on rather than constantly taking it on and off, since masks are still required inside buildings and on rides. Right now, the ratio of ‘maskers’ and ‘no-maskers’ outdoors at Disney appears to be relatively even. Over the coming days and weeks, we expect the vast majority of guests to adopt the new, loosened outdoor mask requirements.

Guests practice new outdoor health policy at Magic Kingdom’s Hub.

Guests stroll Main Street during first day of loosened mask requirements at Walt Disney World.

The last big change in Walt Disney World’s shift in health policy this week is the shortening of distancing requirements. The previous 6-foot distance requirement Disney has tried to enforce at Walt Disney World in queues and guest common areas is now being reduced to 3 feet. This change, also based on the latest CDC guidance, is being cited as the impetus for increasing guest capacity at Disney’s Florida theme parks. On Disney’s recent earnings call, CEO Bob Chapek said that they are already in the process of increasing guest capacity. This change was soon reflected on Disney’s Park Availability Calendar, although the new reservation slots were quickly eaten up by eager guests. The prophesied ‘pent up demand’ for this summer appears to be already materializing based on Disney’s latest Parks Reservation data. We will keep you apprised of future health policy changes at Walt Disney World. You can find our latest vlog documenting the first day of these new policies on our YouTube channel.

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