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How to Support Mickey Views

Brayden at his deskMany of our viewers ask how they can support the creation of our content and ensure it keeps coming for years to come. Below are some great options to support Mickey Views!

The Best Way

Support Us on PatreonPatreon is a fan-funding platform which allows fans to fund their favorite creators by creating an account and selecting a monthly pledge amount. The payments function like most other recurring online payments. You are charged monthly on the day of the month you signed up and can cancel at any time. Difference here is, you get to decide how much or little you’d like to spend per month! We currently offer tiers of $2, $5, and $15 which offer different perks, but you can contribute less or more than that. Some of our viewers send $1 a month! Other generous viewers give $50 while enjoying the benefits of our $15 top tier. Find out more at patreon.com/mickeyviews.

The Easiest Way

PayPal is an online payment provider used by millions of small businesses to run credit card and bank transactions. On PayPal, you can send us any sum as a one-time contribution along with an optional message! We especially recommend this option for those who prefer making large one-time contributions, as PayPal takes a far lower fee (3.49% + fixed fee) than Patreon (8%) and YouTube superchats (30%).

Less Common Means of Support

Support Us by Sending Old Parks PhotosWe don’t want any random Disney merchandise, we already have too much! There are some specific, old Disney-related items we are on the hunt for. Please see what we’re looking for here.

Support us with YouTube SuperchatsYouTube superchats are a feature where during a livestream you can donate a sum with a message and get featured in the live chat. Brayden responds to superchats throughout his streams. The benefit to this method is instant and live interaction with Brayden. The downside, besides the rarity of Mickey Views livestreams, is that YouTube takes a massive 30% cut of all superchats! Contributions are also taxed of course, so it’s like paying income tax twice! When a viewer sends a $100 super chat, less than half that amount ultimately reaches Mickey Views. That’s why even during streams Brayden suggests larger donations be sent through paypal.me/MickeyViews, which he checks throughout the stream. To be notified the next time Brayden goes live, make sure that you are subscribed with notifications on over at youtube.com/@MickeyViews. Ensure that your notifications are set to “All” for the channel (select the bell icon to check) and also check that YouTube push notifications are enabled in your device settings.

Questions We Sometimes Get

“Can I buy stock?”
No, we are not issuing any equity in the company.

“Are you a tax deductible charity (such as a 501(c)(3))?”
No, this is a commercial business.

“Do you have cryptocurrency contribution methods?”
No, but we may add them future. Be sure to check back here every now and again!

“Do you accept physical goods as contributions?”
Yes, only if it is something relevant to our current projects. Find out what we’re looking for here.

Thank you so much for considering supporting our work. Have a Magical Day! 😁