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EXCLUSIVE: “IP Carousel” In Development for Tropical Americas at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Previously, Mickey Views has reported that Disney was developing a Coco-themed carousel for Disney’s Animal Kingdom as part of the Tropical Americas land. The Tropical Americas area will serve as Disney’s reimagining of Dinoland, U.S.A.

Blue sky concept art for a combination Encanto and Indiana Jones-themed land to replace Dinoland U.S.A. The rumored Coco carousel attraction is visible at the bottom center of the artwork. (©Disney)

Strangely, Coco was not mentioned alongside Indiana Jones and Encanto in last year’s D23 presentation on the Dinoland overhaul. However, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro said the land would feature Encanto and Coco-themed attractions.

As recently as two weeks ago, podcaster Lou Mongello, who toured Walt Disney Imagineering headquarters, reported back that he’d seen the Coco-themed carousel attraction in development for the Tropical Americas land.

However, the latest concept art of the attraction made available to Mickey Views suggests there is another plan in the works.

Concept art depicting the interior of the carousel attraction in the Tropical Americas land. The carousel features close to 30 animals from various Disney and Pixar animated films. (Art: ©Disney)

Based on the art above and exclusive details provided to Mickey Views by a trusted source, we believe Imagineering is developing a version of this carousel attraction that is no longer Coco-themed.

This planned “IP Carousel” potentially coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom will feature around 30 animals guests will be able to ride. Each of these animals is a character from a different animated film. Visible in the art is a guest riding Nemo, another riding Pua from Moana, one guest riding Kevin from Up!, and yet another guest riding Simba from The Lion King.

This version of the carousel would feature around twenty different intellectual properties in a single attraction, hence us calling it the “IP Carousel.”

Speculation suggests this idea is being considered in order to appeal to a broader, more generic family audience than theming the carousel attraction around the Alebrijes from Coco, which we believe was the original plan. We hope that it still may happen.

Alebrijes from Coco. (©Disney/Pixar)

Disney has not officially confirmed any of this information or released the finalized details for this attraction. It is expected we will receive more info on Dinoland’s replacement in the near future.

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  1. Coco belongs in MK, around and/or beyond Big Thunder Mountain, where he’ll probably be. I like what you’re reporting here much more for AK, as opposed to Coco there, which would almost border on immersion-breaking.

  2. I’m fine with the carousel no longer being COCO themed if the rumors are true about COCO being back on the table for Beyond Big Thunder’s Desert land. First off I love the outside South-American theming for the carousel, from the pillars, to the tiles, and the lights. Now for the creatures, I don’t mind the generic IP animals, but rather it be themed to South American animals or animals from UP. I still don’t understand why UP isn’t a bigger part of the Tropical Americas. However wouldn’t be surprised if the birds and the UP meet-and-greets move there. Even a restaurant or store themed around UP, along with Indy and Encanto I think makes Tropical America’s a great addition to AK.

    * On a side note if COCO doesn’t come to the Mexico pavilion for EPCOT, which is very likely it won’t, as long as they just do something, literally anything, even an update, to Three Caballeros I’ll be happy.


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