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Mickey Views Archival Project

Attention Disney fans! We are on the hunt for some physical items of great importance to us as we begin to focus on historical projects. If you have old Disney media such as those listed below, find out how to contact us at the bottom of the page! We are looking for:

1) Old film slides, negatives, and photographic prints taken at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. The older the better. These can include people but should mostly show the parks and resorts themselves. This archival photography is of vital importance to Mickey Views, as we have historical documentaries we’re currently working on. Any photos sent may be featured in videos or elsewhere online, so do not send us anything sensitive such as photos of family members who want to stay private. If you have reservations about parting with any of this one-of-a-kind media, we can return all of it to you as soon as we’ve completed high-res scans. NOTE: We are not in need of any recent photos.

2) Old Disney Park printed documents. This includes maps, mailers, souvenir booklets with concept art, used tickets, press packets, newspaper clippings, magazines, sponsor materials, and so on. Old publications made for cast members such as Eyes and Ears and park manuals are especially useful.

3) Old Disney Parks visual media. This includes VHS tapes sent out by Disney for vacation planning purposes, tape recordings of television which contains Disney Park commercials, any tapes featuring footage of the parks, etc. These can be in any video format, including digital conversions, but we prefer to get as close to the originals as possible. Do not be afraid to send in original film reels, camcorder tapes, VHS, and other outmoded formats. We have a serious historical archiving operation underway and these items will greatly help us in future projects. As with photos, if you have reservations about parting with any of this media, we can return all of it to you as soon as we’ve completed high-res scans.

4) Disney Parks vinyl records, cassettes, and CD’s.

5) Old Walt Disney World-related books. Some specific books we’re looking for include Walt Disney’s Epcot by Richard Beard, The Art of Walt Disney World by Jeff Kurtti, and Horizons by Norman Bel Geddes.

6) Old film cameras (photographic or motion picture) and unused film (including expired).

If you have items that may fall under the categories described above, contact us with details! Go to the “About” section of the Mickey Views YouTube Channel, where you will find our business email, and send us an email inquiring further. This extra step is a security measure to deter bots which scan this webpage for emails to spam.