Updated Monorail Orange Debuts at Walt Disney World

Updated Monorail Orange

Throughout Disney’s ongoing refresh of the Mark VI monorail fleet at Walt Disney World, we’ve seen dramatically improved interiors and even some exterior improvements. Monorail Orange, which returned to operation last weekend is no exception. Monorail Orange is now sporting the same updated interior as the other refurbished monorails. The outside received some more unique changes, where now the orange exterior stripe includes black deltas. These deltas help make monorails more easily identifiable from a distance. Also on the exterior, the monorail’s cabin air vents have been updated with new gloss black vents.

Orange Monorail New Gloss Black Vents
New gloss black vents on Monorail Orange.

Monorail Orange looks a sleek as ever, although the question remains when these aging monorails will be replaced outright. Monorail Gold is in the paint booth now according to @Monorail_Silver via Twitter.

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