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RUMOR: Radiator Springs Racers Coming To Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

According to exclusive reports available to Mickey Views, sources allege that the Magic Kingdom’s long-teased “Largest Expansion Ever” may include an already-famous Disney attraction.

Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure. (Source: wikimedia.org via RyanJWilmot)

Rumor says, when Disney began considering re-theming Frontierland at Walt Disney World into “The Bayou,” Imagineers realized the desert-themed Big Thunder Mountain was left without a land.

Overview of rumored land designations as part of Magic Kingdom’s “Beyond Big Thunder” expansion project. (Photo: ©Mickey Views)

As a remedy to this problem, Mickey Views has previously reported that Disney is developing a desert-themed land for the Magic Kingdom. At the D23 Expo in 2022, Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro teased this land. The area, referred to as “Beyond Big Thunder,” also incorporating a Villains section, would feature Encanto and Coco attractions.

Coco and Encanto attractions pictured extending from the desert-themed area at the D23 Expo in 2022. (©Disney)

However, at the next D23 Parks Panel the following year, fans discovered the Encanto and Coco plans had moved to Disney’s Animal Kingdom as part of the Tropical Americas project.

Blue sky concept art for a combination Encanto, Coco, and Indiana Jones-themed land to replace Dinoland U.S.A. (©Disney)

No update was provided on “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain” at the 2023 D23 event. According to sources, this is because the plan for the other desert-themed attractions to compliment Big Thunder Mountain had yet to be figured out.

Graphic from the new Mickey Views video displaying Radiator Springs Racers and a Woody-themed attraction potentially coming to the desert themed land at Walt Disney World. (©Mickey Views)

Well, rumor is, the plans are no longer so ‘up in the air.’ Today, Mickey Views is breaking the rumor that a modified version of Radiator Springs Racers from Cars Land at Disney California Adventure is under consideration to be constructed behind the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad inside the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Google Maps overlay depicting what Radiator Springs Racers “Beyond Big Thunder” Mountain would look like! (Composite: ©Mickey Views)

The exact location and boundaries of the surrounding lands as part of this “Beyond Big Thunder Plan” are not known at this time. Disney has not confirmed any of this yet, although we suspect details on Beyond Big Thunder Mountain are at maximum only a few months a way.

More details and more HUGE rumors can be found in our brand-new rumor round-up, which we highly recommend you check out!

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  1. Would make more sense in Hollywood Studios. ART OF ANIMATION is a sky lift away from the park and already has the themeing. In addition to Hollywood studios having the show already.

  2. No, this makes zero sense for Radiator Springs Racers or another TS ride to be a part of what might be MK’s biggest expansion yet, hope it won’t be official, I’m hoping for Nightmare Before Christmas and Owl House to be a part of this new area alongside Villains land instead(if WDI would encourage both of these IPs), bc, at least TNBC and TOH would make sense for an ambitious new land like this, hope THIS gets confirmed and NOT the unnecessary Pixar elements


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