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A Peek Inside the Queue for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure!

With previews underway for cast members at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure inside the Magic Kingdom, photos and videos of the attraction’s queue are hitting the internet! Today, we have a series of photos to share with you from our sources who have already ridden the attraction.

While early reviews of the ride itself have been critical, the updated queue for the Splash Mountain overhaul has fared better. Sources of Mickey Views who have toured the site remark that the updated queue is one of the brightest spots of the reimagining. The queue features an easter egg-laden walkthrough of Tiana’s 1920’s food production facility, including this beautiful kitchen!

Tiana has cooked up fresh beignets in her New Orleans test kitchen guests walk through as part of the queue at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure inside Walt Disney World.
Great attention to detail in Tiana’s kitchen gives guests something to explore during the queue instead of having their heads in their phones!

What puts the Disney Parks above the competition comes down to the details. This kitchen features authentic kitchenware from the 1920’s and conveys a story guests can “dig a little deeper” into while they wait in line.

A 1920’s pantry featured in the queue of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure inside Walt Disney World.

It looks like Tiana’s all stocked up for making more beignets! How about those art deco fonts, eh?!

Hallways inside the queue at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure are adorned with early 20th century awards, fictional family photos, tilework, and Tiana’s keepsakes.

Coverage on the opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will continue here at MickeyViews.com as well as on our YouTube channel. Later today we will be releasing an extensive news update covering this attraction as well as other major news and rumors at Walt Disney World!

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  1. Why would you show 4 pictures of this horrible queue design and act like it’s acceptable. Haven’t you been reading the backlash about this ride? Everything about it is awful. The water is drained and it’s down most of the time. Stop posting this unbiased posts already!

  2. The ride itself I prefer splash especially the drop, on Tiana’s it needs something like a villain or something that sends you over. But I have to say they did an awesome job on Tiana’s queue.The details and little easter eggs are great.


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