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Monorail Signs Receive Colorful Light Bars at Transportation and Ticket Center

Between Magic Kingdom parking and the park itself lies Walt Disney World’s multi-modal hub known as the Transportation and Ticket Center. Over the years, hundreds of millions of guests have passed through this hub in order to travel to and from the Magic Kingdom and area resorts.

The Magic Kingdom Ferryboat sign recently received a nice refurbishment. Taken September 25, 2023. (©Mickey Views)

For many years, the monorail and ferryboat signage have been in desperate need of refurbishment. Even after the signs received a new coat of paint in 2021, mold was still visible growing on the acrylic pieces. Finally, Disney has replaced the acrylic signage, as seen with the updated Ferryboat sign.

Well, that’s not all!

Brand new LED bar on the Magic Kingdom Monorail signage at the Transportation and Ticket Center. Taken September 25, 2023. (©Mickey Views)

Not only did the Monorail signs receive new acrylic, Disney went a step further. Now, the LED underside lighting on the monorails themselves is also reflected on the Monorail signage as well!

Close up of updated Monorail signage. Taken September 25, 2023. (©Mickey Views)

Very atmospheric at night!

Updated EPCOT monorail signage at the TTC. Taken September 25, 2023. (©Mickey Views)

It’s always great to see often overlooked theming receive the attention it deserves. Thanks for reading!

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