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Disney Videographer Captures Big Thunder Mountain Ride With SNOW!

Longtime Disney Parks videographers, Jeff and Denise of MouseSteps.com, have just released some incredible new footage. Capturing Disneyland Paris’ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad coaster in 4K, the ride-through features a rare sight for fans of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida: SNOW!

BRAYDEN’S TAKE: As a Walt Disney World-centric video creator, never have I seen such perfectly winter-y Disney Parks footage like this! Of course, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney Resort do get a bit of snow most years, but seldom do Americans get to see snow at the parks! This particular version of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which opened in 1992, is extremely well executed. The snow highlights the artistry and authenticity the Imagineers put into the rock faces for this iconic desert-themed attraction.

Capture of snowy Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris. (©MouseSteps)

Jeff Langue sells DVD compilations of his footage of attractions new and old at JeffLangeDVD.com. You can find more of his work as well as his wife Denise’s Disney coverage over at MouseSteps.com!

Below is the full ride-through, which can be viewed in 4K on their YouTube channel!

Brayden produces quality Disney news commentary videos at Mickey Views. He is also working on feature-quality documentary films at "Address Unknown."


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