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What is Mickey Views?

Mickey Views is a video production company. We focus on producing the highest quality news content about Orlando’s premiere theme park destinations. Our founder, Brayden, covers the latest news developments about Walt Disney World via his YouTube channel, Mickey Views. In recent years, he has branched out to cover other Orlando infrastructure projects, producing several documentaries on the development of the Brightline rail service.

Who is Brayden?

Brayden, Creator & Owner at Mickey Views

Brayden began his filmmaking journey at the age of 8 years old, making Lego stop motion videos. His family began going on vacations to Florida every couple of years, which Brayden would photograph with a point-and-shoot camera. His real interest was filming Walt Disney World, but he lacked the proper technology to do so. In the Fall of 2012, at the age of 13, Brayden started the Mickey Views YouTube channel. The channel would be populated with Parks videos he captured thanks to a Costco camcorder his father purchased as a contribution to his son’s new enterprise. For the next few years, Brayden would post video of shows and attractions he had captured during family vacations, as well as review some Disney products. In particular, his Walt Disney World Monorail Playset Review would garner hundreds of thousands of views, and is still one of his favorite videos.

On January 1st, 2015, Mickey Views would begin evolving into what it is today. That was the day Brayden began hosting a weekly Disney News show. In 2018, Brayden shifted away from a weekly show format towards an a-la-carte “Mickey Views News” format where he could cover breaking news developments as soon as they came in. After graduating high school, Brayden moved to Orlando, Florida on his own dime with the revenue he had generated over his already decade of YouTube video production work. Right now, Brayden is working on several of exciting projects including a new historical documentary channel called “Address Unknown.”