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NEW RIDES! Epic Universe August 2023 Construction Update

Orlando’s newest theme park, Universal Epic Universe, is coming together at an amazing pace. Today, we have some incredible views to share of the latest construction. You can watch the video above to get the best look into the theme park opening Summer 2025! Now, let’s see what’s new through photos.

Birds eye concept art of the Epic Universe theme park.
Epic Universe Concept Art (©NBCUniversal Comcast)

Colorful Exterior Panels Installed on Area Hotel

Epic Universe area hotel sits amongst construction and half-paved roads.
Aerial of Universal Stella Nova Resort construction at Epic Universe. Taken August 2023.

Outside of the Epic Universe theme park are two Universal-designed hotels broadly defined as “space themed.” Right now, Universal Terra Luna Resort is still in its concrete slab assembly stage. Universal Stella Nova Resort (pictured) is amidst receiving its pill-shaped windows as well as mounts for exterior paneling. Now, the first section of this colorful paneling has been installed. It could definitely be described as out-of-this-world!

Facade of hotel building featuring many small, reflective, rectangular panels in a multitude of colors.
Colorful, reflective panels installed on Universal Stella Nova Resort at Epic Universe. Taken August 2023.

Social media reactions to this bold exterior look have thus far been mostly positive, with a few people wondering if the panels are perhaps too reflective. Universal and their partnering firms have had lots of time to test these panels nearby, which are indented to prevent the reflection of the intense Florida sun towards anyone or anything in particular. Good thinking!

Water Feature Construction at Hub

As visible in the concept art at the top of the post, Epic Universe features a sprawling “spine” with a substantial water feature going through the park hub. The construction of these central basins are now well under way.

Aerial look at Epic Universe hub area, where much concrete and rebar is being added.
Future water features in Epic Universe hub receiving concrete. Taken August 2023.

Themed Donkey Kong Track Installed at Super Nintendo World

The highly anticipated Donkey Kong attraction coming to Universal Epic Universe continues to come into form.

Birds-eye view of Donkey Kong attraction, showing moderately completed exterior construction, with still some siding and much theming yet to go in.
Exterior of Donkey Kong Mine Cart roller coaster at Super Nintendo World. Taken August 2023.

The latest development at the Donkey Kong roller coaster is the installation of themed, false track above the attraction’s real track.

Bend of outside portion of Donkey Kong roller coaster featuring new, misshapen false track
False themed track torn up around the bend at the Donkey Kong roller coaster. Taken August 2023.

Watch out! That themed track looks mighty torn up!

Bent rail extending from internal portion of Donkey Kong attraction at Epic Universe
Torn up track on Donkey Kong ride near apex of the Golden Temple. Taken August 2023.

Hub Dining Locations Come Into View

Between Super Nintendo World and Dark Universe are three rumored dining locations. The two stands will be inhabited by a Starbucks location and a celestial-themed ice cream refreshment stand. Behind these smaller stands is one of the hub’s main dining locations.

Several dining locations rising out of dirt at Epic Universe construction site
Aerial view of three dining locations that make up part of the hub of Epic Universe. Taken August 2023.

Windmill Restaurant at Dark Universe

In the back of the Universal Classic Monsters-based Dark Universe land is a new dining location beginning to take shape, which will feature an iconic windmill on top!

Windmill-shaped steel framing atop building at Epic Universe
Windmill coming into shape atop Dark Universe dining location. Taken August 2023.

Parisian Streets at Wizarding World

Wizarding Paris aerial showing the ten or more stories of scaffolding around Paris-themed street building facades in Epic Universe
Aerial view of Wizarding Paris in Epic Universe. Taken August 2023.

Wizarding Paris is coming along nicely, with some very tall and highly detailed Parisian streets.

Starfall Racers Armillary Added at Epic Universe

At the park’s premiere roller coaster, Starfall Racers, a new celestial theming element is coming into form out front. This object is called an armillary sphere.

Epic Universe coaster with a large celestial armillary sphere protruding from the queue building.
Armillary sphere theming element installed at Starfall Racers in Epic Universe. Taken August 2023.

How to Train Your Dragon SkyFly Attraction

Lastly, we have the How to Train Your Dragon area, which has received substantial development since our last update. In this overview, you can make out the just-installed SkyFly attraction, the land’s sprawling family coaster, and the entrance to the Great Hall-themed restaurant.

Aerial of How to Train Your Dragon area, showing the Sky Fly ride, family coaster attraction, and a restaurant.
From left to right: SkyFly ride, family coaster, dining location in How to Train Your Dragon. Starfall Racers visible in background. Taken August 2023.

The most exciting new addition to Epic Universe is the installation of two “Sky Fly” ride systems inside the How to Train Your Dragon land. This high-flying spinner attraction, made by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH, gives guests the option to rapidly spin their car or sit back and enjoy the swooping ups and downs of this family attraction.

Sky Fly ride systems rising above Epic Universe construction site
Two Sky Fly rides installed at How to Train Your Dragon in Epic Universe. Taken August 2023.

Finished theming elements are being installed in Epic Universe, as seen below with a dragon perched on the non-guest side of the SkyFly ride system.

Red dragon perched on Sky Fly ride system
Close up of red-colored dragon perched on Sky Fly ride in the How to Train Your Dragon-themed land at Epic Universe. Taken August 2023.

That’s all Folks!

Thanks for joining us on this latest look at Universal Epic Universe in Orlando, Florida. If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the video update on our YouTube Channel, featuring some insane aerial footage of new progress! Also, find out how you can support the ongoing creation of these expensive projects here.

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