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Epic Universe Summer 2023 Construction Update

The rapid pace of construction at Orlando’s newest theme park, Universal Epic Universe, is something you have to see to believe! Today we headed out to the site to get some incredible views of the latest development, which you can watch in the video above!

Overview and Entrance

Epic Universe Concept Art (©NBCUniversal Comcast)

Epic Universe is an upcoming theme park located in Orlando, Florida. The park is targeting a Summer 2025 opening. Epic Universe will be home to Super Nintendo World, Dark Universe, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and How to Train Your Dragon. A multitude of roller coasters and family attractions are under construction.

Park Layout at Epic Universe

First, outside the entrance to the park, several hotels are coming to life. These include the “Universal Stella Nova Resort” and “Universal Terra Luna Resort.” Both hotels share the same pill-shaped window design, to be complemented by exterior glass paneling.

Two Hotels Under Construction Outside Epic Universe

The yet-to-be-installed multi-colored glass panels are visible on a test piece we spotted. Wow! We hope local residents don’t have their property values affected by these crazy multi-colored facades!

Facade Test Panel Featuring Dichroic Glass Paneling

At the entrance to the park, column work has begun on the Park’s future entrance archway.

Epic Universe Park Entrance

Hub Attractions

Past the entrance is an octagonal building which will be home to a table service restaurant.

Table service restaurant coming to Epic Universe

Outside Super Nintendo World, there is an eye-catching dome. This recently installed dome will house the “Constellation Carousel” family ride.

Domed Ride at Epic Universe
Constellation Carousel Family Attraction at Epic Universe

Super Nintendo World

Inside Super Nintendo World, the first bit of finished theming has been installed by the “Yoshi’s Adventure” ride.

First completed themed siding installed at Super Nintendo World in Orlando, Florida

Out the back of Super Nintendo World is the Donkey Kong area. This part of the land will be home to the highly anticipated Donkey Kong Mine Cart roller coaster!

Construction of Donkey Kong Mine Cart roller coaster at Super Nintendo World

Dark Universe

At Dark Universe, which will be home to Universal Classic Monsters, theming work is well underway on the entrance portal. The land’s attractions, a family coaster and a dark ride, are coming along nicely too.

Overview of the Dark Universe land, based on Universal Classic Monsters

Universal Grand Helios Hotel

Epic Universe’s main hotel will be the “Universal Helios Grand Hotel.” The second floor has now been poured and work is beginning on the columns to support the third floor.

Construction beginning on the third level of Universal Helios Grand Hotel

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Next, at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, theming work is underway on the entrance portal. Past the entrance portal is a giant arch, based on the Porte Saint-Denis arch in Paris, France.

Entrance portal to Wizarding World at Epic Universe featuring the Porte Saint-Denis arch

The scale of this Wizarding World, themed to Paris, is something rarely seen in theme parks.

The vertical scale of Wizarding Paris in Epic Universe is massive (workers for scale).

This Wizarding World will feature a Ministry of Magic attraction, where guests head via Floo Network from Wizarding Paris to London, England and take part in a rumored elevator-based attraction.

Blueprint of Ministry of Magic attraction coming to Epic Universe (©NBCUniversal Comcast)

Starfall Racers Coaster

Starfall Racers is the park’s most eye-catching roller coaster (a big compliment given how many coasters there are). This massive coaster features a dueling track layout. Track work is now complete on the attraction and landscaping has already begun on the site!

Starfall Racers track installation has recently been completed at Universal Epic Universe.

How To Train Your Dragon

Lastly, we have the How to Train Your Dragon-themed land. The statues at the entrance just had their scaffolding removed. Looking good!

First look at completed statues in the How to Train Your Dragon area. (Source: bioreconstruct on Twitter)

The How to Train Your Dragon area will feature a family boat attraction, a theater show, a “Great Hall” restaurant, a family coaster, and a Skyfly attraction.

Birds-eye view of the How to Train Your Dragon area (Source: bioreconstruct on Twitter)

That’s all Folks!

Thanks for joining us on this look at the latest happening at Universal Epic Universe in Orlando, Florida. If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the video update on our YouTube Channel, featuring some insane aerial footage of new progress!

Brayden Holness produces quality Disney news commentary videos at Mickey Views. He is also working on feature-quality documentary films at "Address Unknown."


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